Our Story

Our founder, Bansi Lakhani, is an inspiration for the scrubs that truly come from his heart.


In 1997, Bansi suffered a massive heart attack that required major heart surgery. He was only 43 years old. Without the help of the dedicated and caring nurses, he believed that he might not have survived. He vowed to give back to the “angels” that saved him.


The experience convinced him that the ill-fitting uniform scrubs made of scratchy fabric needed a major upgrade. He knew with his experience and expertise in designing clothing for the largest retailers, he could create a collection of scrubs that were comfortable and fashionable with features like stretchy, breathable fabrics, extra pockets in the right places, waistbands that stay-up without pinching and flattering styles for all body types.


After Bansi’s health improved and he returned to work with a mission to keep his promise to the healing angels. He persuaded his son, Sid, to join the company and help him with his vision. They developed a comprehensive plan to make the best scrubs in the market. Today, nurses throughout the world love to wear Healing Hands. It was possible because he just wanted to find a way to thank them.